Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sick Kids Need our Support

This photo is powerful, don't you agree.

As you look at it, imagine this child is in your family. How would you cope? What would you do to relieve your stress and make sure you had enough energy, time and money for her brothers and sisters?

It is hard to raise a child with a serious disease, even if she gets the best medical care available. Getting professional help from a Doctor, Surgeon or Hospital is wonderful, but how do you deal with the worry, stress and responsibilities the rest of the time?

At Sweeten Life Systems we equip extended families, friends and churches how to support the entire family when an illness, accident or crisis occurs. New miracle drugs are badly needed but they come along rarely just as miracle healing does.

About 95% of the medical, Psychological an d Religious professionals in the world are located in Europe and America. We equip Family, friends and Christian fellowships to provider love, prayer, food and practical support all over the world. Will you help us?

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