Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanks Be to God for My Health

A few months ago I started feeling badly and took my Blood Pressure. It was 194/80. That is way too high. I made and appointment to see my Cardiologist and they sent me to the Christ Hospital Blood Pressure Clinic. On my first visit I was getting a sonogram to see if my heart was functioning well when my cell phone rang. I called the person back and it was an old friend who had lived with Karen and me in college. She asked, "What is wrong? Are you sick? I had a vision of you on a hospital bed getting some kind of treatment."

I was stunned because that was her calling when I was indeed on the hospital bed getting a heart check up. God had showed her my predicament. She went on to say she believed I would be OK and that God would bring me through the illness.

I had more tests and medicine changes than you can imagine. One was an overnight to see if I had sleep apnea. I did and I do. Not sleeping well can result in higher BP.

Today I returned to the BP Clinic and found my BP to be 122/60! Perfect. Interestingly, my friend called today to see how I was doing. I replied, "They discharged me from the BP Clinic. I am back to normal!"

Do you believe that God hears and answers our prayers? Do you ever see a vision or have a dream? Did you know that God usually spoke to His followers in the Bible through dreams and visions?

I have read several books recently about the power of prayer. Some are written by agnostics. They seem to have more faith in the Bible stories than conservative Christians.

Read about the healing power of God in my book, The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit.

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