Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Depression in Mothers of Hyperactive Kids

From The Lindner Center of Hope Newsletter
The Source - Psychiatry and Psychology News for Mental Health Professionals 11/20/12

In the October 26, 2012 edition of the Gloucester Times, an article by Susan Britt stated that mothers of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at increased risk for depression, according to a study conducted by a family physician based in Louisiana.

Dr. Louis McCormick conducted a year-long study of mothers of children with ADHD who were patients in his medical practice. Of the 39 mothers who took the study's Self-Test for Depression, 21 had scores that suggested depression. Eleven women scored in the "minimal to mild" range; five in the moderate to marked" range; and five in the "severe to extreme" range.

From this study, McCormick concluded that the stress of parenting an ADHD child can create situational depression, depression caused by a specific stressful life event, in this case, a child with an extremely demanding and frustrating condition, one that can also create financial distress.
ADHD children are often loud, physically overactive, impulsive, and seemingly unwilling to follow directions. These children can also be reckless and even accident-prone. They may alienate, be frustrating and annoy, thereby causing their mothers great distress. Although treatable, ADHD requires patience and persistence from their parents. This can take a psychological toll on mothers who are most often the primary caretakers.

In some cases, mothers may have a biological predisposition to depression. Sometimes the stress of parenting an ADHD child can act as a trigger for underlying depression or a layer of situational depression.

Awareness to these circumstances is key to identifying depression.

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