Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Gatherings

It is Christmas and that means getting together with family members. It means reliving old patterns of dysfunctional behavior and remembering why you were in such a hurry to go to college or get a place of your own. Nobody, but nobody can push our buttons like a parent or sibling.

I have another e-book on our web bookstore. It is called How to be me in my Family Tree. In it I try to help readers identify the places we are still stuck in the past and need to "Leave mother and father..."  Leaving is emotional and spiritual not geographical. I know people who live ten thousand miles away from their family of origin but who have a panic attack every time they get a card or letter from home.

The issue of leaving home is peace versus anxiety. People who are stuck emotionally with their family of origin and who get REACTIVE when a family member criticizes them or pushes another button has not left home. I am offering a FREE taste of the book so you can see if it is something worth $10.00. The book has the possibility of bringing health and freedom to you and we ought to charge ten times that much but as one friend said, "It is impossible to give gold away if you are not famous.

If you like these two free chapters on Triangles in Family Life and want to learn and implement more healing in your family tree but the book.  We also have books on Inner Healing and Renewing the Mind but that is too much healing for Christians!

Gary Sweeten

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