Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is Coaching Important?

Some people go to school to learn business because they think it is the road to riches. After seeing people like Butch Jones earn 15 million dollars a year to coach football I guess coaching is the best way to earn big bucks. People who coach sports are heroes.

The best coach who ever lived died poor and disgraced. Jesus modeled coaching, taught coaching, commanded that His followers follow up and do coaching and those few who did changed the world. In less than 300 years after Jesus died and most of His closest friends called Disciples were martyred, the Emperor Constantine saw that Christians were the most powerful group in his kingdom and He invited them in to run the government.

How did they grow so fast in a hostile environment to be so influential? Was it through TV, Radio, Magazines, Multiple Site Campuses with whiz bang Twitter Feeds and Facebook presentations? Nope! They met in small house churches and coached their way to influence. They led person to person, house to house, agape meal to agape meal. Each house church leader/pastor/elder/deacon/bishop was worth at least the 15 Million that Butch Jones gets for getting young men to hit each other as hard as they can.

It is too bad that Christians lost their way and traded deep, life changing coaching methods taught by the Grand Master Jesus for a mess of pottage that we call preaching. Any well trained communication expert knows that Jesus and the Early Church had it right and we have arrogantly thrown it away by aping young talkers who have never deeply coached their own kids let alone the adults next door.

All our training and materials are focused on training coaches not talkers. I realize that most of you want to learn how to talk better and how to have fame but I do not do that. I teach people how to care and cure the souls of men and women. (See a great coaching video at Vimeo)

Gary Sweeten

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