Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great Book of Research on Faith and Wellness

 Happy, healthy, and wise hour!

I have been reading God, Faith and Health by Jeff Levin, a book that correlates health, wellness and faith. It is very encouraging to a person like myself that has spent most of my life integrating health and faith. This blog is called Spiritual Healing and Growth but if you put that into a search engine most of the hits will be for Eastern Spirituality not Christianity. That is sad for those of us who follow The Great Physician.

In 1989 I was asked by Dr. Emmett Cooper to open an in-patient psychiatric hospital unit in Emerson A. North Hospital. We did and it was called Life Way, We integrated Christian faith, medicine and counseling. I was strongly attacked by some Christians and may Counselors. It was very difficult to find Pastors or Psychologists and especially Psychiatrists who supported us. In fact, we were viciously attacked by both the left and right. One Pastor friend confronted me at a prayer fellowship by asking, "Do you still believe in Jesus?" I was stunned because he and I had prayed and worshiped together many times.

Some of the Psychiatrists at our facility accused me and other Christians of causing most mental health crises not solving them. A couple of them were absolutely hysterical. However, after some months of showing better outcomes than their treatment several changed their minds. The newly convinced included several Jews and two Muslims!

Anyone that believes in science and looks at outcomes for distressed people will see that faith and its practices are very health and wellness friendly.It is anti-scientific to attack religion, faith, prayer, worship and fundamental teachings of scripture on the basis of health and wellness.  Dr. Levin quotes on study that reported following 7,000 people in California. Not being a church member increased their risk of death 1.4 times for both males and females!

This increase is similar for the risk people have who do not exercise, drink to excess and are obese! In other words, an obese man who drinks to much and is a couch potato can go to church and reduce his risk of early death!! Or, he can exercise, drink little and lose weight and actually live a lot longer. 

You do not need to worry about the data unless you work for a health care company or insurance agency. If you work these, tell everyone to get religious! Otherwise, just join a church, get involved in the church, worship and pray regularly and live long and prosper!

We cannot protect ourselves or our kids against every danger but in America we can all increase the wellness and joy of self and our kids by joining and attending a church. (By the way church goers also have better sex.) 

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Gary Sweeten

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