Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prayer Can Be Powerful

Christian parents and grandparents have a lot to worry about. It seems that darkness is covering the world in even increasing foggy spiritual forces. Karen and I bought a "Family Movie" for our grand kids but decided to watch it first to make sure it was OK. It was not. The movie, We Bought a Zoo was not very good and it was filled with cursing, sex and bad behavior. It might have gotten better but we stopped watching after an hour.

Our little girl gifts, TV shows and video games are filled with bad ideas. Philip Zimbardo, the famous Psychologist, has written about his research on boys and is almost hysterical about what is happening to them. In The Demise of Guys he points out how our culture with its hyper emphasis on females has left guys with no place to find positive, healthy boy-girl relationships.

I strongly urge you to pray often for your children and grand children. Your own fervent spiritual involvement as well as your intercession has been shown by consistent research to be effective in the lives of future generations. Jim Donovan, Head of Research for Sweeten Life, gave me a terrific book that is very encouraging about spiritual practices. It is written by a pious Jew, Jeff Levin, Ph. D. The name is God, Faith and Health. If you want to be encouraged this Christmas season, get it.

One of Dr. Levin's research studies reports on page 51 that: A Scottish study reported that active church goers, regardless of denomination, had fewer physical and mental symptoms than people affiliated with a religion but who did not participate.  

One of my books that will strongly encourage you to pray and attend church is How to be Me in My Family Tree. It is an E Book available on our web book store for $10.00 to be downloaded and printed out at home or read on your computer. In this book you will learn how to discover the strengths and weaknesses and strengths in your family tree and how to pray God's blessings to overcome the weak traits.

I have included several stories about healing past trauma and receiving the blessings of God for future generations. We also have some free videos on You Tube and Vimeo that you will enjoy. You can heal your family tree for $10.00! 

Gary Sweeten

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