Thursday, November 8, 2012

Destruction of our Nation so a New Phoenix can Arise

That is what a young, bearded, long haired hippie college Junior said to me while he was high on pot and sitting on top of the school computer in Beecher Hall at UC in about 1970. He also said it was too bad they had to "off me" because I was a "pig" as an Associate Dean of Students.

We can still hear that kind of reckless and evil language in discussions of why America has to be overthrown. It is usually stated by men and women who grew up in the Sixties and Seventies and are still carrying around their utopian ideals.

That was the goal, so it was stated, in the Communist take overs in Eastern Europe and Asia. As one of my friends recently wrote a few like Stalin were bad apples but most of the Communists were nice, warm and fuzzy people. To the contrary, they were callous, hateful, evil and destructive. They starved, murdered, shot and hanged millions to make room for the new order.

As always they started with the educated, the religious and the family heads. Pol Pot in Cambodia killed people who wore glasses because he thought it showed that they spent a lot of time reading. He killed the teachers, doctors, nurses and ministers. But it failed.

Families and churches are under attack in the USA today. Government officials hurl a constant stream of attacks on priests, ministers and their policies. Vanderbilt University was founded as a Methodist school but recently banned from campus any religious group that only allows straight students to be officers. How long will it be that hospitals, schools and churches that restrict abortion and homosexual ministers be able to maintain their tax free status? Through the new health insurance laws the government has already banned religious groups from exempting abortion from their policies.

The enemy of our souls hates strong families. He hates a strong church. He hates life, liberty and the search for happiness. Look at what happened in 1929.

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