Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can We Prevent Being Cursed?

Many of us look at the USA and can hardly imagine why we are not doing better as a nation. We were founded on biblical principles and have a Constitution that would seem to draw the best out of people. Yet, morality seems to be spiraling downward as crime increases, drugs haunt us and families fall apart.

What can we, as Christians, do to improve the situation? Are there biblical passages that would give us guidance? During the political season do we have an opportunity to vote for people who will make positive changes?

First, are there biblical passages that can guide us? Last week I watched a TV program on The History Channel that reviewed the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus and the Early Church. They looked at people like Caligula, one of the most evil leaders ever recorded. He was so bad that his own guard finally killed him.

In one session they looked at the sexual immorality of the Romans and concluded they were about as sexually perverse as any culture in history. The record of sexual perversion is kept fairly accurate on the walls of Pompeii as a result of the volcano eruption that wiped it out. Their frequent use of prostitutes even as a part of the Temple worship was probably more debauched than anything we know in America.

In the Old Testament, God commanded those kinds of temples to be destroyed. Is that the answer today?
  1. He also tore down the quarters of the male shrine prostitutes that were in the temple of the LORD, the quarters where women did weaving for Asherah.
    2 Kings 23:6-8 (in Context) 2 Kings 23 
  2. Micah 1:7
    All her idols will be broken to pieces; all her temple gifts will be burned with fire; I will destroy all her images. Since she gathered her gifts from the wages of prostitutes, as the wages of prostitutes they will again be used.”Micah 1:6-8   
Dr. James Dobson recently stated that the main reason pornography is rampant is because police have failed to stop its production. Is that the answer you would give to our moral problems? Would better policing solve sinful behavior?

What is the biblical answer today? You may find my book, How to be Me in my Family Tree helpful in knowing how to pray for generational healing. Go to the Sweetenlife.com bookstore.

Gary Sweeten

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