Sunday, November 18, 2012

God's Love Transforming Russia

A Training Group from all Christian Backgrounds in an Orthodox Church Meeting Place

Grace, mercy and love work. Maybe that sounds crass and un-spiritual but it is true. We do not share the gospel with people because we know it will bring them prosperity, healing, joy and eternal life, we share it because it is God's will that all hear it. However, I am like John Wesley in that I love to help the poor. But like Wesley, those who get redeemed do not stay poor. Unlike Wesley, I am very happy that they do not stay poor.

Before the Holy Spirit invaded my 1957 Ford Fairlane in 1958, I would have sworn that I was happy, free and enjoying life. I made good money, drank and smoked and had a good number of girl friends and that was the standard for happiness in secular circles. Then I was stunned by the Holy Spirit who said,"Choose this day whom you will serve!"

From then on i have continually grown in wisdom, stature and joy as well as finances, family harmony and professionally. God opened up avenues of personal, professional and interpersonal fulfillment that I did not imagine existed.

I say that to let you know that despite the intentional, evil, demonic attacks of atheist rulers in Russia which brought about poverty, pain, grief, death and destruction, God is bringing about the recovery of millions of Russians. God is fulfilling IS 61 in multiples! Thankfully He is allowing us to labor along side Him in this great venture of love, mercy and grace.

Come to the Vineyard Community Church on Saturday, December 1 at 2:00 PM to discuss these changes with one of the main instigators of those improvements. Dr. Galina Chentsova, M.D. Psychiatrist will share how God has used her and a team of wonderful Christian workers to make significant differences in the lives of hundreds of Russian families.

Galina is also speaking at The Dwelling Place Church Sunday, December 2. The church is located in Loveland on Remington Road

You can support Galina and her gutsy band of believers by going to the Sweeten Life web or send an earmarked check to:

Sweeten Life Systems
P.O. Box 498455
Cincinnati, 45249 

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