Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Destroy a Nation Number 2

In my last post I asked you how you think the infamous Law of 1929 might have been used to destroy Russia/USSR. I am wondering if any of you guessed what the atheistic Socialists actually tried as a means of destroying the Russian culture and its people. Remember that Christianity came to Russia almost 1000 years ago. Two Priests from the Greek Orthodox Church were sent as missionaries to the Slavic people. Along with Christianity they brought a fiery desire to teach the locals how to read and write. There are always there when missionaries travel overseas.

In the mind of most Russians is the notion that to be a Russian you must also be an Orthodox Christian. Even atheists claim to be Orthodox. So, Stalin and his evil henchmen decided that they had to destroy Christianity in order to destroy the Russian nation.

If you were going to kill Christianity, how would you do it? Comment and let me know.

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