Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Future of America?

I had a lot of hits on my posts about how to destroy a culture and a nation. I hope it leads people to actively pursue practices and policies that promote healthy ideas and healthy ideals in our personal, church and political lives. 

Let me add some thoughts about our western cultures. For many years I have been aware of the fact that that Europe has moved dramatically away from embracing the moral and ethical values of Judeo -Christian values. Another way of saying it is that the values  upon which those cultures was based and on which they prospered have slowly given away to secular humanist assumptions that are largely immoral and unethical. Now, it is plain from the last few elections that we also live in a Post Christian age in America.

In fact, with the advent of secular humanism has come anti-Christian bias that leads organizations formerly build on Christianity to actually ban groups who hold to its traditional values. Despite a guarantee of freedom of religion in the US Constitution, Vanderbilt, Tufts and other universities have banned Christian groups from their campuses.

Despite the guarantee of free speech Christian speech is now attacked by Left Wing politicians like Rahm Emmanuel and iTunes has banned Christian groups from placing their apps for commercial application.  Most frightening was President Obama's dictatorial forcing Christian groups to violate their values and spend money on abortion and contraceptives after pledging that he would never do such a thing.

The question remains whether these are good or bad for Christianity. God is in control of nations so it is obvious that He is controlling who is elected. Even those callous leaders who despise freedom and democracy are often chosen to lead.  It is certainly contrary to my ideals but God has done it before and revival came as a result.

Mao came to power in China after a regime very supportive of Christianity. In 1949 there were an estimated 3,000,000 believers in that huge land. Mao and the Communists were horrible to the people and attacked Christians repeatedly and millions died. When the Great Wall began to crack in the Nineties, Christians from the West found at least 50,000,000 believers. Most were in underground churches.

As Jesus said to His followers: "It is better that I go away..." It was better that the pro Christian government go away. Maybe that will be the best for America as well.

Gary Sweeten

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