Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Nation Destroyed 4

In my past few posts I have offered an example of how Communism/Socialism attempted to destroy Russia and the Eastern Bloc. It was a simple approach: attack the Family and the Church, the two institutions most responsible for the health and welfare of the people of Russia.

Let me be clear, the social, psychological and spiritual condition of the Russian people were not stellar.  There was little freedom of expression and very poor economic conditions. The royalty and top business people had much and the peasants little. However, despite promises of liberty, prosperity and freedom the USSR brought further distress, oppression and pain. A few in the top tiers of the Communist Party had the best of everything and those lower on the ladder got almost nothing. Additionally, they destroyed the Church which had always tried to assist the poor.

After the Law of 1929 and the capitulation of the Church, what happened? The Soviets got exactly what they wanted. As one wag noted, “It is easier to get a divorce in the USSR than to sign out of your office for a walk in the park.” (All building entries and exits were restricted in the Soviet Union.) Socialism triumphed and people suffered greatly. 

The positive link between religious faith and health is undeniable. Stalin's hatred for the faith of his Priest father knew no bounds.  Despite the terrible effects on the Russian people Stalin and his gang insisted on destroying the church and its leaders. Remember what they did to try to kill the faith of the people. 

The main target of the anti-religion campaign in the 1920’s and 30’s was the Russian Orthodox Church.  Because it had the largest numbers of faithful followers and the most clergy it suffered most. Nearly all its clergy, some 92,000, were shot or sent to labor camps. Theological schools were closed and church publications were prohibited. By 1939 only 500 of over 50,000 churches remained open and about 12,000 were destroyed or used as museums for atheism. 

The average adult woman has had 8 to 10 abortions. Alcoholism is rampant. Domestic abuse is common. Violence is pandemic.  The President is a Russian Colonel in the KGB.

Remember, the most devastating event occurred not in outright persecution or killing but in a subtle act of the Central Committee. On April 8, 1929! That is when the Orthodox Church gave in to tyranny.

Gary and Galina at Red Square in Moscow City Center.

 A group attending our classes in Moscow's largest Orthodox Church. These kinds of meetings were forbidden under Communism.

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