Monday, October 15, 2012

The Greatest Sins in America

I read a lot of blogs, papers and research reports from Christians of every stripe. Many of them are written by people who are considered to be Leaders, Influencers, Counselors, Speakers, Travelers and Experts.  Today all one must do to be considered an expert is to write a blog, preach a sermon or comment on a spiritual, social, religious, political or family matter.

We live in an era of punditry. Almost anyone can go on radio, TV, the Web and pontificate. That is not the problem. I like free speech. The problem comes from so many people who believe what is being said. We are a pretty gullible bunch of people in America.

We like big ideas. We love positive endings. We fall for positive promises as well as predictions of gloom and doom, especially when the good guys are said to win and the bad guys get hammered.

One topic that gets a lot of press and a lot of heat is sex. Immorality and sexual deviation are very HOT topics! One of the announcers for the Baltimore Ravens has the same name as a disgraced coach from Penn State who is in prison for his sex crimes. Despite the fact of different spelling and not being in jail, Gerry gets a lot of hate mail from irate but ignorant listeners and fans.

The Conservative Christian community also gets all hot and bothered by the sexual practices of Americans, especially young people. But hardly anythings hits our hot buttons like same sex attractions and pornography.

The red hot rhetoric of bloggers, preachers and letter writers would cause many to thin that sex causes more sin than anything else. I would love to read what you think. Many Liberals poo poo that notion that same sex liaisons are worse than gossip, failure to recycle and voting for Conservatives. 

Conservatives tend to say same sex and porn use are doubly wrong because they are intentional, ongoing rebellion. Their answer to these issues? Just say NO!

What think thee? What area of sinful life will tick God off more and are likely to bring His wrath?

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