Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Destroy a Nation

A modern bathroom and shower in 2008 shows how Socialism impacted the Russian people

For the past few days I have been overwhelmed with events and activities plus very high blood pressure. Maybe the two are related. Here is my next post in the series about how to destroy a culture, a nation and a people for generations.

The Communist Manifesto
 (Most of these ideas came from the book, Under the Rubble, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mikhail Agursky, Evgeny Barabanov, Vadim Borisov, F. Korsakov and Igor Shafarevich, Regeny Gateway, Washington, D.C., 1981. See Schism Between Church and State, pp 172 ff by Evgeny Barabanov.)

Anyone reading the Communist Manifesto with an open mind will be shocked to see the space given to the destruction of the family, rearing children away from their parents in state schools and to wife sharing. All modern left wing movements adopt the slogans for the sexual revolution, gay rights, abortion, divorce, and devaluation of marriage and destruction of gender.

The left wing Japanese Red Army became famous for a series of murders based on these ideas. They hated members who refused to totally split from family members. Many were sentenced to death for “acting like a husband or wife”. The partner had to carry out the killing to prove his/her loyalty to the Socialist ideals. 

Modern Socialists are not carrying their ideas that far in most places today but the killing of the soul continues  all over the world in Left Wing politics.

The basic principles of socialism are: Abolition of private property, destruction of religion, destruction of family and destruction of individual human rights. All such groups think sex within marriage is one of the worst things imaginable. Women and children always suffer the most from these socialist regulations for they are given the hardest work.  (P 30)

Look at the ideas, policies of the Left. They continue to promote the death and destruction of parenting, family relationships, sexual fidelity and harmony from generation to generation. Look at Russia and the former USSR. It is the only nation in modern history where the health and welfare of the populace has fallen dramatically. The reason, Socialist governance that attacks family life, religion and caring relationships.

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