Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Destroy a Culture and Country

Have we ever seen the demise of a nation  and culture? Especially in  modern times. More to he point, have we ever seen a culture attacked with the specific desire to destroy it? Yes, we have.

The country is Russia or more broadly several nations associated with Russia and called The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Let us look at the current health and welfare situation in the former USSR.

Now, some 75 years after the Russian Revolution in 1917, despite supposedly free health care, the Russian people are experiencing alcoholism rates of over 50% among adult males. Premature death is rampant.  Hospitals are in awful shape. I visited the #2. Cancer Hospital in St. Petersburg in 1995 and it looked as if it were in the Thirties in terms of medication and technology. Of all modern countries, only they have a decrease in longevity. 

What happened to keep one of the richest countries on earth so poor? Why do so many live in hovels and cardboard huts when the gold, silver, diamonds and oil reserves are as great as any nation on earth? 

There are several answers but none as important as what the Communist Party told the churches in 1929. Have you ever heard of The Law of 1929? Before reading the next installment, take some time to guess what they required the churches and especially the Russian Orthodox Church to do and not do.  

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Gary Sweeten


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