Friday, June 1, 2012

Applying the Bible in Ministries of Care

There are several Christian Counseling Ministries that strongly advertise themselves as being the only true Bible based models in the world. They have a strong marketing arm that tens to criticize other models like mine and other model makers like me because they say I am not "Biblical" enough.

Then, at the other end, there are fellow Christians who have their own preferences for Helping people in pain who criticize models like mine and model makers like me because we are too "Biblical". Oh well, you can't please all the people all the time.

Some people taste the porridge and say it is too hot and others say it is too cold but some say, "It is just right". My approach is just right for me because it conforms to my ideas about what is causing people trouble, disaster, pain, divorce, sickness and sadness and my strong opinions about what the Bible says to do about those troublesome root causes.

I believe that there are four basic causes of human sickness, sorrow, depression, addiction, disasters and pain. These four are at the root of all the sin and sorrow we see in the people we love. They are behind the mental, emotional, willful, relational, physical, behavioral, family and spiritual problems we see every day. These four root problems are:

Bondage of the mind, will, emotions, spirit, relationships, family, body, etc.

Rebellion of the mind,emotions, spirit, etc.

Guilt that affects the mind, will, emotions, body, spirit, behavior, etc

Shame that affects everything above.
  • Some models only provide power tools for healing Bondage.
  • Some models provide tough love tools to confront and demand repentance from Rebellion
  • Some models indicate that all is needed is to remove True Moral Guilt to be changed
  • Some models only try to decrease Shame by telling them that God loves them
They each say they are being biblical and I agree up to a point. They each have a part of the Bible but none has the whole counsel of God's word.

Some Christian models leave out healing prayers in power. Some leave out confession. Some leave out spiritual warfare. Some leave out renewing the mind. Some leave out generational family systems. I think all those are biblical and necessary for helping people in pain. 

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