Friday, June 22, 2012

From Russia with Love and the Gospel

We planted our first equipping center in Moscow in 1995 and for the past 17 years the team there has been bringing hundreds of people to Christ. Then the new believers are invited to enter our Inner Healing Soul Care Groups to learn how to take every un-Christian thought captive to the mind of Christ.

For many of our friends, some 50%, that means to leave drugs and alcohol and other addictions behind. For the rest it means to leave co-dependency and enabling addicts behind. Over half the adult males in the USSR are addicted and families are torn apart by the addict's lifestyle. As believers improve and grow in faith through our discipleship ministry, we focus on building happy marriages and family life. It takes a long time and a lot of energy and prayer to restore an addict to sobriety and faithful family life. 

The Russia team is equipping the sober, committed Christians how to minister to others so the cycle of healing will expand and touch many others. The ministry is currently blessing people all over the former USSR. Here is a snapshot of their work.

A. We are doing a cycle of training lectures on co-dependency for the family of addicts. The current round is finished on June 25th.  On the last night we will will feature a round table discussion with all the students and allow them to participate in Question and Answers and a deep discussion about how to grow in faith and love. Many new Christian support groups are started each year thanks to these open lectures

B. Our Basic Teleios course continues in Moscow, 7 million population, Moscow County, 7 million population and Cherepovets, 3 million population. Dozens of students who are being equipped for life and ministry. From that they will be able to take the advanced training.

C. Our School for training Helpers for Soul Care and Counseling is going very well. In this course we train Christian Leaders for advanced ministries of care, counseling, healing and 12 step hosting . We are currently on a summer vacation to come back in September for the second semester.

Can any of you think of another Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry that is doing more with fewer resources than the team from Moscow? The challenges in Russia are certainly daunting but God has opened a door for that team, which will not be named or shown for security reasons. 

Please send a generous donation to Sweeten Life Systems, P.O. Box, 498455, Cincinnati, 45249 and mark it for the Russian Ministry. Or go to our web and send a donation. 

The top photo is one of the classes in Russia.

Stalin was responsible for millions of deaths and the destruction of thousands of churches. He hated Christians. One destructive leaders can do harm for generations. 

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