Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Help Us Win $1000 Dollars for Charity

The contest is on again. For the past two years we have come in second and third but we are falling behind this year and need a big push to get us over the line. This $1,000.00 prize would mean a lot to our ministry because we do a lot with very little. 

Right now we are impacting a lot of people by equipping parents and volunteers to reach out and minister to families with a disabled child. It will cost us several thousand dollars to get the materials printed and distributed to families. 

My friend and partner Jim Donovan is using his 33 years as a product development researcher to design a way for parents and care givers to pinpoint the places where help and assistance are most needed to support their child. The $1,000.00 from Cincinnati Innovates Contest will really help. 

if you do not have time to vote, send us a $1,000.00 instead.

Gary Sweeten

PS This is subliminal advertising
Sweeten Life VIP Family Care

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