Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Honoring His Father

The author of this self made Fathers' Day card is a young man I have known since he was a kid in my youth group. His parents are two of my best friends and we have traveled many ministry miles together. The author is an inner city youth worker that has given his life to serve the poor, broken and dispossessed. I think this is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever read.


I am sick in bed today but my children honor me.
I  have a good family and good children and you taught me how to follow God and be a good Husband.

You do not keep secrets but shed the light on them so they do not console us. 
When we are wronged you return not justice but mercy. 
You kiss your wife in public, and when you argue in front of us you make up in front of us.
You choose relationship over things.

I have seen you with your bible and with God in your pajamas, and my children will say the same of me.
You trust God when it dose not make sense. You speak of unbelievable stories and people think your a fool. But Not I, I think... you will to trust God at any cost.
You incur loss so that your children have. 

You lead in the ways of God,  and I, I chose to follow. 

I have little in the ways of earthly riches to return to you on this day.  But a Godly heritage...  That I will help you pass on.  

The poor hear of your God because you and mom have poured into my life.
My children follow Jesus because of parent and grandparents who show them His love.
I am the man that I am because of what you and mom have done. 

Thanks for being a good man of God. For loving Mom, for loving us, and the people God has put in your life. 
I am honored to be know as Maurice son.


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