Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Why So Much Despair?

The correlations between drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography, and a despairing lifestyle is highly correlated with early childhood losses and trauma. As long as we as a nation have women having babies and rearing them without a man around to love, nurture, discipline, and support the child we will have increasing despair. 

The lack of agreement in our society that sex outside marriage is harmful has damaged the psyche of millions of people and brought about an anti-commitment attitude in millions of people. This has been exacerbated by the honoring and idolizing of people like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint have led many people to fulfill their lusts with no consideration of the consequences in themselves, their partners and their offspring. 

Hefner ended up with leading beautiful triplets on a leash around his mansions like a slave owner proudly showing off his chattel. But, the truth was far different. Hefner was unable to have sex with any woman and spent his days watching gay porn in a bizarre display of failing to live anything but a nightmare. 

The more recent evil acts of Harvey Weinstein and others who acted out the violent fantasies they saw on pornographic videos. Several have asked, "Where were his parents?" but it is more likely that they knew nothing of his desperate search for sexual highs though brutality. 

Despair leads to acting out desperately in ways that bring death rather than life. God told His people that He had set before them "Death or Life and to choose life". Hefner knew his scripture but he rebelled against it and chose death rather than life.

Scoffers make fun of VP Pence for being a prude but he has chosen life not death. When I was a teenager I met the Lord in a dramatic manner. To the consternation of my drunken friends I stopped all the drinking and partying and they protested strongly. One great former friend even threatened to "Kick my _________" if I refused to drink with him. Why do  humans that chose  activities of despair demand that we join them? 

To abstain is to judge! People in despair know they are choosing deathly actions. When we show we can change it is convicting to them and they get angry. 

Jesus told us in Luke 10 to ignore Scoffers who point their bony fingers at us and accuse us of evil. My friend who promised to "Kick my ____" did not. I just smiled and said, "Would you also get mad at me if I did not want to eat green beans?" He laughed and let it go. 

But the evil haters want to attack us because of politics and religion so they will not stop. They are addicted to despair and cannot stand happy people. 

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