Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sexual License and Despair

The "Me Too " tag has unleashed a torrent of complaints from women accusing males of accosting them in ways large and small. Hardly a day passes that we do not read about some famous person who was previously lauded as being "Pro Woman/Pro Feminist" that has been outed as a sexual predator.

A recent article on the sexual revolution has a stinging assessment of the past and present damage done to America because of it.  Women, who were led blindly into the revolution expecting a wonder filled heaven of pleasure and freedom but have instead found the life of sexual license filled with predators and pain.

God always has the good or humans in mind when He tells us about the limits we need to set up on our behavior. God set limits of our sexual behavior and we have disagreed and we thought we knew best with tragic results just as God predicted when He said, "I have set before you death and life. Choose Life!"

The article lays out the tragic results of going astray for us as a nation and the citizens that must pay for the errors. As always, Christians who follow the ways of the Lord will pick up the pieces because we continue the works of The Great Physician.

I recently spoke with a man in his fifties that greeted the sexual revolution and volunteered to lead the charge in his region. He and his wife had been fighting for decades and he could not figure out why. I asked if they had had sex before marriage and he said, "Are you kidding? Everybody had sex back then. I do not know of a single man that did not."

I asked, "Have you asked your wife for forgiveness?"

He "Forgiveness? Why?"

Me, "Were you a confessing Christian?"
He "Yes".

Me "Was it wrong to do it?"

He "Well...Yes".

Me "Then go home and ask her forgiveness."

He "Well, I know a lot of guys that need to confess."

Me "So, now you can tell them how you did it."

Want to know how to recover from past errors? Get my books. 

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