Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Despair and Death

                                                            Disaster Awaits Me

Unless a person is under a rock, we all know that drugs, depression, and self harm are killing  many, many people. There is a recent article about it here. 

The article points out, as have others, that people are frustrated and lost the meaning of life. They are living in despair.

As a Christian, an educator, and a Counselor, I am convinced that it will take more places of Recovery but much more to make an impact on the problem of drugs and the problems behind the drugs. For example, the article mentions that many drug users have given up hope of getting a better job or getting out of the bad parts of town. These are issues of imagination and identity. For millennia people have had to scratch and labor to make it in life. Before the current era 90% of the US had to work in menial jobs. But they did it and most did not become addicts or depressed as a result.

I am not sure why but I wonder if it was because our expectations were low. Now, expectations are sky high ands when we do not all become famous, we may conclude we are failures. Dr. Martin Seligman studied distressed, depressed, and anxious people. He came to the conclusion that people in despair had a faulty or easily overcome Belief System.

Seligman said many depressed folks have an Explanatory Style of Pessimism that leads them to view Adversities in an especially devastating manner. Maybe you or someone you love has such a style of thinking.  Hang on and I will lay it out for you in my following posts.

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