Thursday, May 3, 2018

Drugs, Suicide, and Mental Health

In the paper recently there have been several articles about the deaths of people from drugs and suicide. The death of one person from an accident or disease is terrible but when it occurs in the life of a seemingly healthy person it hits us doubly hard.

The survivors of deaths from drugs and suicide are especially hard hit. It leaves the family and friends asking themselves a lot of questions and pain because we wonder what we might have done wrong or left out that "caused" our loved ones to take such a drastic action.

Both suicide and drug abuse are hared to prevent. What signs of real depression or anger did I miss that I SHOULD have caught? Did they hint at their despair? Did some comment of mine cause them to lose hope? We just do not know, and that is an awful feeling.

In each situation we often read how happy or well adjusted the person was and how surprised we are a his or her decision. In some situations the person is in Therapy and the Therapist is as surprised as everyone else. So, intervening is difficult.

Some of the usual preventive factors are an active involvement in a faith group and a solid sense of self respect, not just self image.

Fellowship with good people and a faith in God are very good acts of prevention. Learn more on our web page.

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