Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What Percentage of Return are you Getting?

Jesus said we could expect 30% return, 60% return or 100% return on our discipleship if we sowed seeds in the right soils.

How are you doing? Do you see the numbers of Disciples multiplying at those rates in your church,Bible study or mission? Not many do. In fact almost None!

Is your church doubling every 12 months?

Is it doubling every two years?

Is it doubling every three years?

Why are my efforts so puny compared to what Jesus promised? I do not know but I want to pray about it and see what the Spirit will say to me.

Is it the soil?

Is it the seeds?

Is it the weather?

Is it my lack of faith?

Is it because I plant in the wrong seasons?

Pray about it with me. PLEASE! 

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