Sunday, June 28, 2015

Christians Were Scared of Counseling

                       A Christian Ministry Building a New Apartment 

When we began our new clinic we thought naively that Pastors and Christian leaders would welcome us with open arms. Was I ever surprised to discover that many did not believe in Counseling because, in their perception, "It was developed by ungodly people and we can consume and use things that are only developed by godly people.

Even worse, since I had been doing Pastoral Care at a large church, I "Had left the church to selfishly make money with secular ideas".  One of my Pastor friends asked me, "Gary, now that you have left the church do you still believe in God?" I said, "More than ever!"

Let's do a thought study now: Are Christians commanded to never buy or use anything created by ungodly people?

Are all Christians commanded to work only in churches?

Can a person that works in a secular job still believe in Jesus?

Do you think all Counseling is heresy?

How did the Early Church grow from 12 Disciples to 35 Million Disciples in about 300 years when none of them "Worked in a church structure? Every one of them was a volunteer or Lay Christian. 

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