Friday, June 12, 2015

Atheistic Depression and Addiction

                           Joe Stalin, murder of millions!

When I first visited Moscow the number of addicts passed out on the street was incredible. Some people estimated that over 50% of the males were addicted to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc. I believe it.

Why were so may people sad, anxious and depressed and turning to drugs? The Socialists destroyed all vestiges of religion and useful work. People were supposed to worship Stalin, Lenin and the Party.

Pastors and Priests were persecuted and even killed. The churches were not allowed to offer health care, counseling or care for widows and orphans. The state was supposed to replace personal, social and spiritual compassion. The state was deadly.

The church haters thought that "Rational Thought" would drive religion out of the culture. As soon as people were taught scientific facts about the world, the need for faith would die along with God.

Many in Europe and America are following the same ideas. The government must replace Faith Based Compassion and Morals. If we do not we will be silenced and cut off from the insurance money to pay for adoptions, medical treatment, psychotherapy, etc. Psychiatrists and Counselors were not allowed to help people feel better. They were only allowed to give medications.

Sound familiar?

When the state takes over people are crushed! Sadness and despair are the result. Morals and ethics fail and the nation crumbles. Our work in the former USSR has brought faith, hope and love to thousands. God is alive and faith is growing.

PRAY for our brothers and sisters in Russia and Ukraine. The leaders may be off but the people want God and healing. See our web for ways to support us. 

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