Thursday, June 25, 2015

How The Lord Gave Us Our Own Unit in a Psych Hospital

The last time I left off with Dr. Cooper asking me to discuss training Psychiatrists how to minister to their Patients.  We each agreed that such a thing was impossible because the were unwilling Students.

Dr. Cooper said, "Well, what can we do to bring faith and spirituality into the hospital? When I was a young Doctor with an advanced degree in Psychiatry and another one in Medications, I was  convinced that faith and God were not needed. I thought we had all the answers. But now, after so many years of treating people I see they need God as well as Psychiatry and Drugs. How can you help us?"

A very bold idea came into my head. Maybe God was speaking to me. " I blurted out, "Why not let me set up my own unit and select Doctors and Counselors that agree with us about spirituality?"

Dr. Cooper said almost immediately, "That is a great idea. We have a unit with 12 beds that are not being used. WE tried to set up a treatment unit for Cocaine Addicts but it did not work. I don't see why you couldn't use it."

A lot more planning and discussions had to take place but that is how it happened. God broke in and set it up.

Life Way Counseling Centers is going strong after 25 plus years! God's presence and provision have been essential every step of the way. 

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