Saturday, June 27, 2015

Multiplying Ministers and Ministries

         Leigh Fopma with the Christian Discipleship Folders

I was able to chat last night with several long time friends and colleagues at the 25th Anniversary Party for Life Way Counseling Centers. Maurie and Lorraine Loomans drove out to the party and we were able to reminisce about the years we spent in ministry at CHPC.

Lorraine was one of our most faithful and effective Peer Helpers a the Teleios Center. She was often partnered with Rev Paul Cocklin, Pastor of the College Hill UMC and they handled many,many "Hot Potatoes" with love and truth!

Maurie was extremely busy and wonderfully gifted as an Elder in Community Ministry, The Monthly Healing Ministry and our Discipleship Ministry that presented most of the equipping workshops around the world. I depended on Maurie to "hear the Spirit speak" when we needed direction or correction.

Hundreds of young people came to Christ through the Community Ministry and thousands received substantial healing at the monthly Healing Services. All of this was the foundation we build Life Way on.

Our goal was to make our church and other churches into "Healing Growth Communities" and our prayer, work and equipping efforts were largely successful because of people like Lorraine and Maurie. 

Peer Power! 

Unleash the Laity!

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