Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission 2013 #18. Call for Papers About Disability

All you writers and wannabe authors are hereby on notice that you can send your papers and articles in to an interested audience. You will see if they are worthy of publishing in a journal about disability and Christians.

Frustrated Moms, Eager Dads, Wise Doctors, Insightful Counselors, Prophetic Preachers, Here is your chance to make a difference. Here you can speak to the universe of interested people. Now you can tell all of us how to improve things for you and the people impacted directly by disability. Here is the alert I received today.

*CALL FOR PAPERS* * * *The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability (JCID) announces a call for papers for future journal issues. The next issue will focus on Friendship. Future journal topics will include: Leadership and Disability, Maturity in Disability Ministry, The Old Testament and Disability, Christianity and Disability Studies, Special Education in Christian Schools, Education of Students with Severe Disabilities, and Human Services. * * * *Authors are also invited to submit original work for review in other areas of interest.

Go check it out. I will probably submit something about the research we did on families who have a member with a disability. Go to our web page and read all about the SweetenLife VIP Family  Care Program. Or, maybe I will write about the terrific way Butler County Help Me Grow is taking our Self Assessment and using it with their families. (New Link http://disabledchristianity.blogspot.com


dle said...

Gary, that redirect link to JCID is broken. Do you have a more direct link?

Gary Sweeten said...

Try this link http://disabledchristianity.blogspot.com