Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mission 2013 #14. Family Life Under Attack

 The family is the basic building block of a church, a city, a state and a  nation. It is where we all learn how to treat other people, relate to God and develop self esteem. If families are dysfunctional, all other institutions are doomed to fail as well. 

Here is your opportunity to comment on the state of family life as it is today in your home, your church and your city.

Do you believe that families are under more stress today than in the past?

Do you see families stressed to the point of conflict and even divorce?

Do you think it is a great challenge to rear children in today's culture?

Do you have a strong commitment to assist families who struggle with serious stresses?

Do you think churches ought to have programs to teach couples how to have a great marriage? 

Do you think churches ought to teach parents how to rear children and discipline them?

What programs does your church have for families?

Program Name-------------When?--------------------------What?

Pre-Marital Preparation

Marriage Enrichment


Conflict Management


Parenting and Nurture of Children

Developmental Stages of Children

Spiritual Development in the Family

Healing the Family Tree


The person nominating a church with the most dynamic family ministries will get a free book.

Go to our web page to see You Tube Videos and Vimeo Videos on Healing the Family. 


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