Monday, July 10, 2017

Special Needs Families and Conflict

It is widely reported that parents who are also caretakers of a chronically ill family member suffer themselves as a result of the additional stress.  I believe it.

The stresses are high and sometimes they cause additional conflicts. In fact, many marriages do not survive. In many cases, siblings also develop resentments from feeling left out.

However, rumors and poor memory can exaggerate the frequency of divorce among caregivers. We sometimes hear that 85 to 90% of the couples with a disabled kid get divorced, but that is too high, but it is higher than other couples.  It take hard work and exceptional skills to develop a solid marriage for anyone.

We have interviewed many caregiver parents to hear directly why they are stressed. We could guess but we want to instead of ask directly to learn what we can do to help them overcome it. As a result we are getting ready to launch a new web site and tool to foster family cohesion and communication. Keep us in your prayers so we have the most creative and beneficial tools possible.

We already have some great tools that facilitate family peace and growth available at the Sweeten Life web site.

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