Monday, July 17, 2017

If Christian Leaders Had a Cooking Show

I must admit that I am frustrated with the education and training of Christians. The focus of both Jesus and Paul was Discipleship. Raising up mature men and women who wanted and were capable of doing ministry. It was practical as well as theological. Many schools that train Christian leaders teach only theories of leading and preaching but few practical skills.

I am reminded of the top Surgeon in Japan. He wrote a 700 page textbook for Medical students. At the end of the school year the government had him travel to each graduating class to test the knowledge and skills of the students.

Here was his unbelievable discovery. Many students could quote portions of the text he wrote. It was an amazing feat of memory. There was one problem. Most of them had no practical skills in the daily practice of medicine. Most could not take a patient's blood pressure!

I have a friend that graduated from a top rated American seminary. After years of Greek, Hebrew, OT and NT theories he graduated.

His first assignment was as an assistant in a small church in New York state. Soon after arriving the Pastor left on vacation, leaving the church in the "capable hands" of the newly minted Minister. One Sunday he had to baptize two young girls by immersion.

They went out to a lake to do the baptism and he was ready.  He wore his brand new Doctoral robes and carried the Bible he received at graduation.

As the three of them walked out into the shallow lake, they suddenly sank like a stone. Before long they all went into the deep water with robes flowing, new Bible sinking, sermon notes floating, watches and new suit ruining, and teenage girls screaming.

He had never before performed a baptismal service in practice or reality. The words Rev. Newsboy screamed in panic must have been Greek or Hebrew because he had to promise never to repeat them again at any public event.

Preparation of all professionals must improve with internships, that mix practical and theoretical knowledge as the base.

We have both! Get the theoretical and theological here along with videos that show models.

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