Monday, July 24, 2017

Insanity is Spreading

The reality of what we call "Post Modern Philosophy" has overtaken our society in many places. We can see it in the inability of many people to tell right from wrong, good from bad,  facts from fantasy, and  good. In fact, the prevailing foundation of life is under attack from those who say, "There is not such thing as truth or Facts. Everything is simply a part of the way we see things.

For a long time I saw these ideas as so ridiculous that they would never take hold. but was I ever wrong. This is the basis of the Political Correctness wave of thinking that controls the media, the educational system, and much of psychology. It is even threatening our faith.

Can you see how it might be impacting your life? Let me offer a couple of quick examples. Some years ago I was coaching a Christian employer how to defend himself against the bogus and ridiculous charges of "emotional abuse" by an employee. They arose from his moving her to a different desk in the office that was not as close to the front door.

At the hearing, the facts were presented and the employee did not disagree with them. However, she felt misused and abused by the move and demanded a large amount of money because she was "victimized". The person from the Department of Labor who was overseeing the process said, "If she feels misused and abused, she was misused and abused."

Feelings are always more important than facts in Post Modern, PC  world. Victims must be protected and whenever any one or any group claims victimization, they must be believed and must receive some kind of recompense for their pain.

Do you remember the terrorist in Canada? He killed one person and severely wounded another. The Premier set him free and gave him millions of Dollars. He claimed to be "victimized" and Trudeau gave in.

Is there truth? Are there facts?

See our materials for real facts.

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