Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Danger of Setting Faith Goals

It can be a great motivator to set faith goals if properly done. However, goal setting can be a trap when done wrongly or with the wrong idea.

For example many faith driven preachers put a huge emphasis on outcomes that are dependent on God's miraculous interventions. They read certain passages of scripture and then "Claim the results of the passage".

I realize we can read places when the Bible says, "Jesus healed all their diseases." This passage is read as "We can and should heal every disease". Then we should claim success "by faith". So everyone is told they were healed so quick acting sick.

That is essentially claiming we are in control of God's actions.

This is bad theology and bad promises. It is based on presumption not faith.We do not control God so we cannot control the outcomes that depend on His sovereign will.We cannot decide on a goal by our own logic and then hold God accountable to do it. Good intentions and the ability to dream are not within our power to achieve.

I trust God in all things regardless of the outcomes. If it rains or does not rain. If the crops fail or prosper. If I am healed or get worse. God is my source of love and hope.

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