Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Speaking to the Lord in Prayer

There are 3 kinds of common prayers that we need to implement in our walk with the Lord.

Seeking Prayers that recognize the fact that "W can do more focused prayers when we first ask God's Spirit to guide us since we "Do not know how to pray..."

The second is "Speaking Prayers that we cover today. After Seeking God's direction, we can speak to the Lord more directly about the things the Holy Spirit has revealed. We can have confidence that we are on target when God had directed us how to pray.

Speaking Prayers

I usually do not respond directly to the Seeker in my intersession but seek God's direction and then focus as I am Directed.  There have been many times when we prayed for people and were directed to go in a direction not desired or even wanted by the Seeker.

One of the most useful spiritual gifts we can receive as a prayer team is discernment. Others key gifts are wisdom and knowledge. (See I Corinthians 12, 13, 14.) If a Seeker has an unknown or hidden problem the Holy Spirit can reveal it to us so it can be removed as a block to an desired answer.

We usually pray and pause to ask the Seeker if anything is stirring in them physically, mentally, or emotionally. I recently asked for prayers for my neuropothy and the woman leading the team prayed specifically for more oxygen to flow in my legs. She did not know that is a big issue with neuropothy.

So, relax and understand that We do not even know how to pray but God does and can direct us. Be humble and receive what the Holy Spirit gives us.

Here are some eBooks and materials on ways to bless others.

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