Saturday, May 20, 2017

How Can we Impact so Many that Need God?

Over the last few years we have seen a flood of pain, sickness, addictions and domestic abuse in the Eastern Bloc led by the USSR. They had been the second world power to the USA but it was falling apart socially, culturally and spiritually. For 70 years Communists thugs had attacked the churches, killed the best leaders and wiped out families who had talents and skills because they were able to achieve more than others!

The results of atheism and anti-religious fanaticism was predictable. For the first time in history, a western nation saw a decrease in the life expectancy and population growth. It was a terrible crisis, at least ten times worse than anything we had seen in America; even our inner cities.

God showed some of us that we were to go and minister to those broken people. WHY? What could we do to help 200 million people, most of whom were suffering from massive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

I was a Counselor. Should we open an office and help as many people as possible? We had an in-patient clinic for addiction and psychotherapy. There were millions of addicts. Should we open a hospital in Moscow or St. Petersburg?

We had written several books and developed videos to teach people about healthy Christian living. Millions needed that teaching. Should we write and develop videos?

Should we plant a church? The Communists had killed over 100,000 Pastors and Priests and the need for churches was terrific.

Should we start a graduate school?

Millions needed to hear the gospel. Should we buy a big tent and travel from town to town preaching, healing and giving Bibles away?

Where should we start? Jesus faced a similar situation when He came to earth 2,000 year ago. It was a brutal, illness filled, area of hostility, war, persecution, rape, domestic abuse and addictions. What was His model for changing the world? Did it work? Want to read ahead? Get my books that are on sale now so you can see how to change the world. See The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit as a starter.

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