Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stress and Nervous Breakdowns

Indiana University researchers, found in 1996, more than 26% of adults said they had felt an impending nervous breakdown.

It is Up from 19% in 1957

       Another 7% had experienced a mental health problem, a question not asked in the 1957 survey.
       Both (26 + 7) = 33%

The people with the greatest RISK factors were: 

Single, white, mothers with no education and no religious involvement.

Look at this demographic. What are their needs? 
      Single Mothers need?
      White Women need?
      Mothers need?
      No faith community need?

Now look at the recommendations from the Professors who did the research. 

      More money for crisis counseling agencies

      Nothing about marriage
      Nothing about religion.

      Is this Malpractice?
      Is it anti faith bias!

      Ralph Swindle, Jr., Kenneth Heller, Bernice Pescosolido, and Saeko Kikuzawa The American Psychologist, Volume 55, Number 7, July 2000

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