Friday, March 29, 2013

Irrational Cultural and Religious Challenges

With all the furor now in American society about traditional morality being attacked I am wondering again how we need to respond on this Easter weekend. For me, Easter is a very special time with enormous implications for all of us. Yet, it is also a time when, especially around Good Friday, the spiritual forces of the world, the flesh and the devil are unleashed.

For example, I do not know whether to laugh or cry when I hear of schools that forbid using the title Easter to describe the bunny that lays all those eggs every spring. I heard a Principal with a straight face say she wanted to "Respect everyone" and not "force the kids to believe in one particular religion".

Unfortunately, many Christians are outraged. 

I was waiting for her to quote the passage of scripture that shows a bunny at the Resurrection. Bunnies and eggs are pagan symbols not related in any way with the Bible. Have we done such a poor job of communicating what Easter is all about that this woman and many Christians really think that banning the bunny is anti Christian?

I suggest we all agree that bunnies are not Easter Worthy and ban them as well, along with the eggs.

The ignorance about Christianity is deep and wide. For example, the furor over the Ten Commandments. I hear people say that as Christians they are attacking our faith. On the other hand, many lawyers and some jurists decry their public use as a violation of the Constitution that demands a separation of church and state. What blind ignorance.

I always want to ask these people a few questions.

1. What church are the Ten Commandments are establishing? Is it Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc?

There is no church or denomination being established by the Commandments. The Constitution was written to keep the USA from adopting a state church like England and Europe.  Most colonies had state, tax supported churches. That is what is forbidden in the Constitution.

2. What New Testament scripture calls us to post and/or obey the Ten Commandments?

The Commandments are no where in the New Testament! They are found in the Jewish Law. In fact, the New Testament says written laws are unnecessary.

So, my friends, why do we get upset when these irrational challenges come?

Gary Sweeten

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