Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An International Friendship

It s pretty neat to write a blog. With a few posts I am interacting with friends old and new from Singapore to the Swedish border in Halden, Norway. I have been to both places and have friends in each. I am a blessed man.

I remember some great ministry and fellowship stories from Halden and from Singapore. In Halden I stayed with a young couple who had come to faith in Christ during the Jesus Movement. They were very conservative theologically and concerned about the environment as well. Those two go together. What a joy it was to share a table and fellowship with them and their three children.

One of our friends was a Clinical Psychologist. He had wonderful married a woman who inherited a large farm where  he hunted Moose when they were in season. It was not Moose season but the friend and his wife invited us to a picnic in the forest so we could enjoy nature and eat by a running stream. But he also wanted to show his hunting skills but it was not the season so we hunted a bit drawing of a Moose instead.

Onan said before anyone could get a license to hunt in Norway he had to pass a test to make sure he could shoot well. That meant that we had to shoot and hit a drawing of a Moose head at about 50 yards. It was not an easy feat. He placed the wooden drawing up and we all shot at it with a high powered rifle. Our friends had never even held a gun before so expectations for their accuracy were quite low.  As was so for me since I had not shot at targets for decades.

To no one's surprise our host hit the target easily and to my surprise so did I. However, to Everyone's shock the teenage son was the best of the group. He had never seen a real gun before but he had a good eye and nailed that Moose every time.

Great friends and great experiences all over the world. That convinces me that God is at work still so stop worrying and fretting. More revivals will come and go so the gospel haters today can be gospel lovers when they meet Christ. Thank God for the blessings of trusting God in every nation and language!

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Gary Sweeten

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