Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mission 2013 #21 Addicts Can Change

Many of us know an addict or two, and I mean a real addict not someone who likes chocolate. A lot of people say things like, " I love chocolate. I think I am addicted to it." Although eating can become an addiction and chocolate might be part of the process, that does not describe an addiction.

In the last few years several well known Christian leaders and ministries have publicized the ways they work with addicts to help them regain sobriety. Rick Warren's group came up with a great program called Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous and its offshoots have been around since 1935 or so and several people have reached out to men and women stuck in debilitating sexual practices like pornography homosexuality, masturbation and that might be considered to be addictions. Those of us who read the research widely know that millions of people leave their bad habits, compulsions, dependencies and addictions behind every year. Yes, many more fall over the edge into those terrible habits but it is heartening to realize that positive change can happen. What do you think is the reason most people can escape from addictions? Healing Prayer Deliverance by a Pastor Alcoholics Anonymous Psychiatry Psychology In-Patient Treatment Self Choices Reading a book A Direct Intervention by God First, some things to remember: When we face the daunting task of supporting a person in the change process we need to remind ourselves that they have chosen a very difficult road to travel. Since all change is self-change with the Spirit's unction, we need to tread softly as we support a halting, double minded struggler. It is by definition cooperating with the Holy Spirit and our friend in a life r death battle for life and peace. We cannot overemphasize the need for wisdom, the Fruit of the Spirit and prayer. Two, Addiction needs to be addressed on two fronts at the same time. 1. Heal the inner places of brokenness that mare the roots of pain behind the compulsions. Listen deeply to the hurting heart of the Seeker and draw water from the deep well of pain. Avoid any sense of rejection, condemnation,fear,guilt and shame. These feelings are the cause of the need to medicate. 2. Dependency arises in order to get an artificial high. When an addict begins to stop his/her using the sudden fall into sadness, depression, anxiety brings a need to find a better way to lift his spirits. Worship, prayer, meditation, exercise, competitive games, deep fellowship, coffee, food, etc can all be helpful. Make sure the person has few times of HALT: Hunger, Anger, Loneliness and Tiredness because they are danger zones for a person coming down off a series of highs. If possible take your friend to 90 days of A.A. Meetings. There is much more but this is a great start. Go to Sweeten Life web and get my books on Soul Care. Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty is a place to begin your education. The answer to how people change is;SELF Choice with no formal assistance but many people, prayers, church, etc bring small supports in life.

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