Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spiritual Christianity

Spiritual Christianity means supernatural faith. Not that my faith is supernatural but that I place my faith in a supernatural, miracle working God. Coming to faith in Christ is a supernatural event or series of events.

I was dead in my trespasses and sin but God supernaturally made me alive. I did not really realize that I was dead when I came to Christ. I was very much alive and kicking against God. So my deadness was not physical but spiritual. As a kid I thought my sin was like a zit; skin deep. Now I can see it was bone deep requiring heart surgery.

Not only that, but I am like Frankenstein's Monster, alive but walking stiffly with a terrible limp. I still needed the Holy Spirit's power on a daily basis to help me walk straighter and smoother as a new person. I still needed God's help to get rid of my old preferences and habits. I still needed my inner life to be saved daily. Anyone who lives the Christian life as if we do not need the supernatural power of God insists on peddling his new car rather than starting the engine and using its power to move forward.

Are we peddling or allowing God's power to move us?

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