Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thank God for Healing

I have written many time on this blog about the need for inner healing in the churches so people can be set free from ,many adult diseases and addictions. The notion that the answer to the heroine problem is simply too many people taking prescription medication is ignoring a lot of research data. For example, see this article.

Addiction is caused by inner pain that is reduced by drugs and other substances, behavior, and ideas. I can get dependent on medication but I will not get addicted.

I understand why the government is focusing on medication. It is an easy target. It is something an official can manage to appear to be successful at controlling. But it will fail.

Prayer, counseling, and understanding the root causes is essential so I beg every Christian to learn how to help people with deep, psychological pain. Get this book and it can assist you.   How to be Me in My Family Tree and Breaking Free will assist you.

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