Friday, August 25, 2017

Gifts, Talents, and Personalities on a Team

We had terrific people on our staff at College Hill Presbyterian. The gifts, talents, interests, and temperaments were varied and we worked hard to communicate. It is not easy for each and every member to be included and needed. All of us took the MBTI and discussed it in many staff meetings. We had a lot of fun and it helped us reduce irrational conflicts. 

Conflicts and anger are inevitable, but bitterness is optional. Jerry was a great communicator and we enjoyed each other despite some big differences in type. 

We also wanted our sermons, teachings, and writings to take the Personality Preferences of our audience into account. We tended to add time for silence and some quiet music for Introverts in services but that often resulted in the High Extroverts being fidgety. 

Since over 85%of Ministers nationally are Extroverted iNtuitive Feelers, a staff must work hard on communication when others are wildly different. Thankfully, not everyone was an N or F. As a result, we had a good balance. 

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