Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who Blessed You in 2015?

There are "Top Ten" lists everywhere. But nobody asked me about my Top Ten on any topic. Here is your chance.

List some people and or events that blessed you and or inspired you in 2015? Yesterday I mentioned my friend in Russia, Dr. Galina Chentsova. She has given her life, and career to serve hurting people.

Has a Doctor, Minister, Child, Family Member, Neighbor, Teacher, Small Group Leader, touched you? If so, let us know.

The President honors Great Americans every year. The Nobel Peace Prize is given to a Great International person annually. But, 99.9% of all good works are carried out by people who get little if any recognition!

Here Goes a suggestion from my life in 2015:

1. The wife of a friend that cared for her sick husband through thick and thin and was nearly always upbeat while refusing to be in denial about his illness.

2. _____________________________ ?????

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