Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family Involvement

Karen and I drove back to Illinois last week to be with my older brother Maury and his wife Angela for the memorial service for her 99 year old mother. In the midst of sadness there was also peace.

Jerry Carpenter had lived a very full, loving and Christ centered life for most of her 99 years. With that in mind we celebrated her life with great stories from her family, friends and neighbors.

The breakdown of the family with bitterness, single parents and broken relationships is sad and very destructive. Deep love brings grief but not like those who have no hope. Angela and her family have the sure hope of being with Granny Jerry again so the grief is tempered with hope.

If you do not have a healthy family, get busy and make peace.

If you are not a Christian, go to the Father for eternal life.


Gary Sweeten

Want to know more about the family from generation to generation? Watch these You Tubes. You can also read my book, How to be Me in My Family Tree.

Basic Family Tree


Extensive Family Tree


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