Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jesus Was Angry! Why

When Jesus, the sisters of Lazarus, and his entourage approached the tomb of Lazarus, his dead friend, he was "Deeply moved!" 

What does that mean? 

He was mad. He was angry. He was upset. He was overwhelmed and furious.

At who or what?

Death! The grief reaction of Jesus was not just to the loss of His friend. He had lost many people possibly even Joseph, His earthly father. But this was different.

Jesus was showing His opposition to death. Jesus was often called "The Great Physician". He was famous for healing the sick, cleaning the lepers, and removing spirits. This resurrection of Lazarus was one of many times Jesus showed His power over the evil of the world. But it is different.

In my view, Jesus is showing His future resurrection by this resurrection. As Jesus approached the tomb He Snorted like a war horse! He was at war with death.

A war horse had to be well trained to go into war and attack the enemy. Horses naturally react with fear to noise, mobs, and fighting men. But not a war horse and not Jesus. He became like a war horse, unafraid of the battle and He charged to deal death a blow.

And He shouted "Lazarus! Come out of there."

And Lazarus came forth, all bound up with the grave clothes and the signs of death.

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