Friday, April 21, 2017

Families Face Serious Stresses with Sickness

I grew up in a family that had to face enormous stresses and strains because of accidents, illnesses, and trauma. As a result I have enormous compassion toward similar families today. I am sure I would not have become a Counselor and Minister if my childhood had not been so strongly impacted by serious mental, emotional, and physical problems.

These families are all around us here in Ohio as well as around the USA and the world. Research from the Department of health indicates that some 20% or 1/5 of all families with children struggle with serious health concerns. When we add adults and seniors to the mix the percentages go up accordingly.

Here are some ways health issues impact a family.

1. When one member suffers with health issues we all suffer. Every disease/disability impacts every family member.

2. Many of the families are isolated from normal, supportive relationships.

3. Few, if any, receive visits, concerns, and prayer from their church and its Ministers.

4. They suffer from severe stresses, exhaustion, and anxiety.

5. Other family members are often neglected, left out, and overwhelmed.

6. They need and want fellowship, friendship, and basic support but rarely get it.

Our new Ministry, Family EQ, is designed to support these families. Go to the web page here. The link may attempt to send you to but stick with Remember!!! It is US!

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