Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building Better Relationships

This book on building better relationships is now available online at

Starting last week and continuing this weekend and the first weekend in March, Pastor Charlie McMahan and I are doing a series of Dialogue Talks at the church he leads in Miamisburg, Ohio. Southbrook Church is a dynamic, loving, warmly caring place that has grown dramatically over the past few years. Nothing succeeds like success. You can see Charlie and me discuss healthy relationships by going to Resources on their web page or going to the Sweeten Life web.

I have been reviewing the current and past research on how to be healthy and happy in marriage and life. It is somewhat boring because not much is new. Death or life are still in the ways we speak to each other and the Bible gets it right when it says to "Put off the old ways of killing the ones we love with anger, criticism and contempt." (Ephesians 4:)

I bought some CD teachings by Martin Seligman on Flourish through Positive Psychology and am listening to his great insights about ways to rear happy, successful kids and be happier in life. I am amazed how much his research correlates with the Bible. I know that some Christians are afraid of Psychology, but I find that good research always confirms a good understanding of the Bible.

Come up and join us this weekend or watch/listen to the podcast. The web is expanding to include a lot of great, practical applications of the Bible using the principles of psychological research. The combination of truth from God's word and truth from nature makes a very powerful set of liberating tools.

PS. Church attendance tends to help people think, act and feel more positively.

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