Sunday, December 16, 2018

Child Suicides: Why

                                                    A child alone and ignored

The number of kids that commit suicide is small but very upsetting and it is a mystery why children want to take their own lives. 

It is also a mystery how we can prevent such tragic events.

The press tends to print stories that suggest suicide is caused by one major factor like being bullied. Of course when a child is the victim of bullying they would certainly react strongly but as far as research goes the link between the two is pretty weak.

The data I have seen seems to focus more on the link between family dysfunction and self harm. Adverse Childhood Event Research (ACE Research) has found a strong correlation between the losses of family members through death, disease, depression, drugs, incarceration, etc tends to leave children very vulnerable to childhood and adult dysfunction.

In my opinion, offering better resources to support healthy families is on of the best and most productive things we as a society can do. Go to my web page for resources for personal and family healing.

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